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The final straw with TXU Energy after being with them for 8+ years! With the high energy costs this year our June '08 electric bill was understandably high: $507!

To be fair our busy work schedules did not allow us to make payment arrangements in a timely manner (within 18 days). Wanting to pay for our overdue balance I called cust. serv. to make 2 separate 1/2 pymts within 2 days.

The rep did not bother to tell us that our electric would be disconnected @ 5pm that same day! To save food in frig, we payed an extra $89 to reconnect by midnite same day. Our electric was reconnected at 2am! Not only did we have to pay our FULL balance (which we were not told initially), TXU stole another $89 from us on top of the 5% late fees!

Yeah, we're pissed & going to another provider!

Monetary Loss: $115.

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First, as we stated above, the energy increases severely hurt our pocket book! We admitted that we needed help.

Second, I'm not sure why "a letter" would be considered perfect & timely notice when it is known that mail is often lost, mishandled, misplaced, damaged, or returned & an unconfirmed notice to whomever might receive it is considered sufficient by TXU. Fortunately, we have found an electric provider that CALLS, sends emails, as well as "flash" our power several days before disconnection -- repeating what I stated above: PROACTIVE in working with us if needed.

And if they are on the phone with us & our account is delinquent they will inform us right then, unlike TXU's customer service. The point being made is not a notice thru the mail or TXU's policies, it is TXU's lack of proactive customer service while having us on the phone compared to other providers: TXU is not as good & helpful.


after 16 days that meter is read, payment is 'due', a letter warning you is sent, 16 days after that, you are disconnected, to be reconnected, you only have to pay the past due balance, and on the next bill is the $8 disconnect fee and either $10/$89 reconect fee, depending on timeframes. There is warning and there are arrangements available if you can right away.

Springfield, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom #36291

You are more than welcome to have & pay TXU as your provider; until the raise in energy costs we paid our bill on time for over 8+ years. Second, check your grammer & spelling.

Third, the fact remains that when we needed TXU to work with us they did not proactively try to make arrangements, or at the least inform us that service would be disconnected - which implies they want to make more money. Other providers are not so greedy.


ok first why u dont pya ur bills on time second i know for fact that if ur going to b disconected the send u a letter and after u received that letter u have 11 days to make a paymnt and if u got disconected the charg u reconnection fees bcause they dont own the tecnicians txu doesnt have theyr own tecnicians so is not txu who charge u for reconnect service

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