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In August 2007 we purchased a new home before we sold our existing residence.We had TXU Energy as our electrical service provider at our existing residence.

We signed up with TXU Energy for service at our new home, and we contracted for their Summer Savings 24 Plan at that home. This plan provided a reduced charge per kilowatt hour and we were under contract for 24 months. We sold the first Hills home in late February 2008. I called and asked that the account and service to that address be closed as of the first week of March 2008.

TXU then closed the accounts on both of our residences and we were without electricity at our new home. I spent numerous hours on the phone to their customer service department trying to get our power back on. We were without power at the home where we actually lived for 4.5 days, beginning on March 6, 2008. Their customer service was very unhelpful.

After the power was restored, TXU did efficiently reimburse us for hotel and food expenses for the time that the power was out by issuing a credit to our account. However, they are now showing that we closed the account for our new home, even though the account closure was their error, and that voided the Summer Savings 24 Plan. They no longer offer that plan and have put us on a much more expensive plan. After more than two hours on the phone to their customer service department on 5/1/2008, in which they transferred me to numerous wrong departments and cut me off twice, I was informed in no uncertain terms that they refuse to reinstate us on our less expensive plan.

To me, this is a breach of contract and very poor customer service.

TXU customer service operators have a certain script and if the issue is beyond that script, they just won't help you and won't provide you with contact information for someone who can.

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I am battling with TXU over a ~$350 bill that was resolved over 3 years ago.The service account was at a vacant rental property in Houston that had the power turned off at the breaker.

This property had been on the market for months, in which my TXU bills were about $10/month. Then all of a sudden the bill jumped to over $110 dollars (Summer 2006). I had my realtor check the property, and the power was still off at the breaker. I disputed the bill with TXU, but the next month's bill was for the same exact amount and usage, which is highly unlikely.

I disputed the charges again, requested an actual meter reading, but the third month cam back with another "estimated" charge.

After months of back-and-forth with TXU, the matter was finally resolved (Spring 2007).But then it just reappeared on my credit last month (April 2010), and as Yogi Berra once said, it's like deja vu all over again.


TXU is the worst energy company in Texas,bar none!My bill suddenly went up over 150% from $80 monthly to $250 a month for a one bedroom apartment since January!

I have called repeatedly and tried to work with them and see if they'll come out and ceck my meter. All I got was that the meter is 99% accurate and if I had no other concerns they would hang up the phone. I struggled for 5 months to pay the outrageous bills and today was the last straw! I called 3 days ago to see what I could do to avoid disconnection.

I was told to pay $200 which I paid. I come home today and my service is turned off without notice. I make another $200 payment and they tell me they're gonna charge me $31 for disconnection eventhough I was never notified.When I recounted my story I was told that this was the billing department and they dont address complaints...only payments. When I asked to speak to someone in the company who could address customer complaints he then said he didnt see anything wrong with my bill and when I insisted to atleast talk to someone who would address my concerns, they hung up on me.

Wow!Talk about customer service!

Divernon, Illinois, United States #23585

Guess what people... It wouldn't matter what company you switched to...They are all driven by GREED and there is nothing the consumer can do to avoid these situations!


Hamilton, Iowa, United States #22186

This is horrible. Honey, I would suggest that you switch to another energy company who would be much more deservng and worthy of your business. Wishing u the best.

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