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My 81 year old mother has been in the hospital for over a month.I try to catch her up on bills and find a Disconnect Notice from TXU Energy.

I call their "customer care" (a misnomer) and talk to a supervisor named Diane ID-80581 and explain I need to bring her account current so my mother's power won't be disconnected. Diane flat out refuses to do anything to help me. She claims she can't even discuss the account with me by law, refuses to let me talk to her supervisor, and offers NO solutions to the problem. I asked her if I could make a payment over the phone, but she said she couldn't tell me how much to pay to keep the electricity on.

Apparently TXU Energy thinks it is perfectly fine to shut off a 81 year old woman's power and not allow a relative to make a payment.She is both a terrible "customer care" supervisor and a rotten human being and should be fired.

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Privacy law does stop the agent from divulging ANY information, as it could constitute a fine for tne PUCT to do so. However, the Automative ystem TXU has will give the balance to a caller, and offer an opportunity to take a payment


A similar situation happened to me.My father passed away and I called to tell them that his bank account was going to be closed.

The lady told me that she could not give me any information about the account because my name was not on the account. I tried to tell her I was not calling the get information, but to give them some information. That went over like a lead balloon.

I finally had to file a complaint with the PUC.TXU decided that they would talk to me after they were contacted by the PUC.

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