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I have been with TXU for well over 12 months. My payments are always done automatically, so they are on time.

I was recently married and on my honeymoon, out of the country. My cc cancelled my credit card for early fraud detection, because I was using it in St. Lucia. I cleared it up, when I got back but the payment rejected to TXU, which caused me a 25 returned item fee.

TXU told me that it was because I had insufficient funds. My credit limit is 32K and I have 6K balance on there! Even a supervisor, would do nothing to waive the fee. She would only try to say that she did nothing wrong, as I told her I was writing a letter to TXU.

I have a feeling it is because we just closed out our account. The funny thing is I had gotten a letter in the mail, and was talking to my husband about staying as I had had no issues, and the money we would have received on a rebate, made their rates competitive for quite some time with our usage. If that little $25 fee was so important to them, than they can keep it as that is the last they will see of our money.

I know it did not cost them $25 in paperwork! And if my funds were truly insufficient, I could understand!!Very sad that customer service is not what it used to be!I also used the same credit card that was rejected, and it was only a few days later!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience with TXU Energy. I would like to help you resolve your issues. Please feel free to email me at with a contact number and I will be happy to contact you at your convenience.

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