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I have just purchased a new home and am in the process of moving in. I am still living with my parents in a nearby home of similar size in Collin County.

My parent's home is 2200 sq feet, and with four people living in it, using AC @ 73 degrees, older fridge, various electronics (large screen tv, multiple laptops)and an electric range for a lot of cooking, their bill this month was $202 (2010 k/w).

I received a bill for $248 (2240) in a 2100 sq ft home. I do not live there yet, but only have gone by to do some dusting and cleaning once a week for about one hour.

I just installed a Energy Saver fridge (uses about $65 of energy annually) two weeks ago, and I always keep the thermostat at 80 if not 90 when I leave. There is a gas range and microwave that I used once. There are no televisions or stereo/gaming equipment or pcs in the house.

I called them today and told the customer service rep my situation and asked if they could help and she said no, the bill is what it is. It may be an error but I will still have to pay it. I asked for options and asked if the meter could be faulty, and she was silent for a while and kept saying she was sorry but that was the bill and I will have to pay it.

Last month, my bill for 4 days (after the closing of my house) was about $95. I asked if this was the deposit and they said no, they turned on the service for the inspection and left it on. I was being charged for the time I did not even own this house. I emailed them multiple times and they just had the same answer..."you are responsible for it".

I paid it because I didn't want to start a hassel when I was just buying a new house, but now I feel taken advantage of. Please help me deal with them. I am a teacher on a fixed income and cannot afford these surprising fees.

I am very frustrated with TXU. I feel as if they have faulty equipment and are not working to correct these errors.

There NEEDS to be a lawsuit!

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TXU does NOT do your meter your area of Texas--Oncor (your local TDU-or transmission distribution utility-reads your meter and passes the information on to your REP-Retail Electric Service Provider) These charges are passed down to the customer without any mark from TXU... (Regardless of your REP)...Oncor will still be the one passing on your usage information.

Tuscumbia, Alabama, United States #393119

I've recently moved to Hidden Creek Apts in Allen. I recieved my first bill from TXU and the amount I owe is $273.00 at 14.9 khw and consumed 930 khw for 32 days of billing cycle.

I'm getting ripped off. My bro lives in 2500sq ft 5 bedroom house and his bill is $120.00 billed at 1175 khw.

I'm calling them Mon and ready to jump ship. Screw TXU!!!!


I've contacted thee lawyer's, I'm suing TXU, Encore, I have everything documented very well. I work for the stuuped Company.

And when you think your, calling with the State your in; it's not,they out sorces Customer Service; your calling the phillipins! :(

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