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I moved from Katy to Canada this May. The utility company I used is TXU energy. After I moved, I made long distance calls to ask TXU to refund my deposit ($300). I almost made call every month. Every time, the service told me "ok, you will receive the cheque in 10 business days." I had to wait for several weeks. There was no cheque from TXU. I made the call again, "OK, we already send the cheque. But the mailing address is not correct, now I have changed. You should receive it in 10 days." Every month, I made call, and got the same answer. But until now, five months passed, I still didn't get the cheque. What's the problem with TXU?

After I moved, I received the cheque from school, from insurance company, from....,only can't receive the cheque from TXU.

The service agents of TXU are lying. They didn't take their responsibility. I'm so upset and disappointed.

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